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Moor of Rannoch Hotel

The Moor of Rannoch Hotel is situated beside Rannoch Station on the West Highland Line. Surrounding the hotel is the rugged landscape of Rannoch Moor covering some 130km2.  Often described as one of the last true wildernesses in Europe, the area is a vast stretch of land composed of blanket bog, lochans, rivers and rocky outcrops.

The hotel is a warm cosy retreat offering a chance to relax, unwind & recharge. It is perfect for those wishing a haven from the fast paced modern world or equally adventurous explorers keen to sample this unique part of the Scottish landscape.

We do not have any TV’s or internet access in the hotel and there are no phones in the guest rooms. Mobile phone reception also varies from very poor to non existent. To make up for this we have a large selection of books, games and jigsaws and the lounges feature open fires and wood burning stoves. There is also a good range of Malt Whisky to help pass the evenings.
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